My daughter ends up fucking for free

November 15th, 2009

My daughter ends up fucking for free

Hello everyone, Pops here. Another day looking a prick guy that will give me money to fuck my slutty daughter. Early morning I have a visitor sitting in the sofa waiting for me. He was completely prick guy and my daughter let him in the home. We’ve got a conversation and it made me mad to him because he talk a lot a shit to me. I punch him in the and he was totally out in the floor. My daughter see me fighting and she run to me and he keep me away from him.

When I was out in the home my daughter took over him and gave him ice to put on his face. Little did we know that this prick guy got a strategy that will get him in to my daughter undies for free. After he was ok on my punch that I gave to him. He make out on my daughter grabbing her soft boobies and pussy. We all know that my daughter is a nympho so she enjoy having her tits squeeze by a total stranger. Moments later she was down on her knees sucking on his dick and not long before he was pouding on my daughter’s pussy. DAMN! that guy ends up fucking my daughter for free.

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Rich Guy Fucking Their Helper

November 15th, 2009


For a handsome and rich guy who lives in a luxurious crib seducing a sweet and naive helper like Allie is a piece of cake, even when this chick has a body to die for. Done with cute talking the two get naked and he just grabs this skinny babe’s hair and slams his penis into her face fucking her mouth so nasty that she chokes and coughs like a deepthroating whore. When a hot maid wants sex you know she’s gonna get that cock no matter what and suck it dry swallowing hot sticky sperm like a sweet magic nectar. Watch this beautiful house helper gets down and dirty with her boss and makes sure he’s more than satisfied with her blowjob skills and her tight juicy pussy. Wanna see what happens next? Check out the full video at FuckingTheHelp.

Helper Willing To Get Into A Hot Sex!

November 13th, 2009


Don’t you just love how nasty a brunette house helper might look. And when you have a maid as pretty as Vanessa, you’re sure to get some irresistible FuckingTheHelp sex that both of you will enjoy! To have a chick as hot as Vanessa, cleaning your domain? I’d love it!!! Well, technically I’d love anyone coming to clean my place… It doesn’t really matter if they’re a cute mostly naked girl like Vanessa.  As long as they’re cleaning, I’m happy! Vanessa was a real nympho and was willing to get into a hot sex! She gives a super wet, making sure to pay special attention to my cock with her soft tongue. Then she lays back, spreads her wet juicy pussy open and invites that dick to come inside to play! Imagine what it feels like to push inside her tight little pussy…her juices covering all over your penis. After taking it inside for awhile, she gets on top and starts pounding my cock in her hole while squealing with pleasure. Finally, I can’t hold back any longer…I pull out and she quickly gets up…opens her mouth and waits for the facial right on her waiting tongue! Visit FuckingTheHelp for full vids and pictures here!

My daughter giving blowjob

November 12th, 2009

My daughter giving blowjob

Tomorrow is the deadline of payment and I was surprise this morning my landlord is knocking loud in my front door. I was shocked that he came early, maybe because he knows that I will exchange my daughter into the payment of rent. He was right though. I had to play nice. I was a month late on my rent and didn’t have the money to pay.

We are paid this month payment and also the previous balance. Thanks to my daughter she has a bangin’ body to exchange in payment to my perv landlord. I call Janessa in her room and said that she has visitor. Little did she know that our landlord is back. I left both of them and not long before my daughter is giving him blowjob, then moments later my daughter was riding on his big dick.

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Matt is back to fuck my daughter

November 11th, 2009

Matt is back to fuck my daughter

Last week Matt pays me to fuck my daughter. Eventually he enjoy fucking with Janessa he came back yesterday and ask if he can fuck Janessa again, I said yes, but he will pay twice of the last payment he gave to me. Matt eagerness to fuck my daughter is very high so he gave twice money and I smiled because lots of money to spend in the week. I call Janessa and she went out in his room wearing uniform.

I knew that Matt wasn’t just another guy. He had the money so I was off to the liquor store to pick up my stuff. As soon as I left, my daughter got on her knees to give head to Matt’s throbbing dick. However, clothes were off and it wasn’t long before he was grabbing Janessa and open wide her skinny legs shoving his dick into her sweet shaved pussy, making her moan and begs him to fuck harder.

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My Friend Fucks His Maid

November 10th, 2009


My friend can’t really get why his home looks like a pigsty. He always hires young maids like Taylor. Taylor was a beauty. He just couldn’t resist touching his maid soft butt. One thing lead to another and before they could control the burning sexual passion.. It had already consumed their whole body. His dick was hard and her pussy was dripping wet.. They rolled each other on the bed and romped like the world was going to end in a minute. You don’t actually see this to often  but when Taylor is sucking a dick and taking it right inside her tight little pussy it’s something that well, makes I wish it was me who is fucking her! I would show you everything but I don’t have time so why not flop your penis out and see Taylor doing lots more nasty stuff at to her boss at

Maid Fuck From Behind

November 8th, 2009


Nicole always tried to do her job as a home helper well, but things always got in the way, like her horniness! It didn’t help that she got to dress up in sexy clothes on the job, always making her feel horny and making her in desperate need of getting off. Our guy here is lucky enough to offer his dick! He jumped at the opportunity to get into her pussy. Nicole tugs on his dick until she can get it hard to suck on it. She covers it in drool and gets it so hard so it can shove its way all the way inside her tight wet twat. He lays her down the bed and pushes his big penis in her pussy. Then he gets a great view of her butt as she rides him. Nicole’s big tits were bouncing everywhere once he was fucking her from behind, slamming her cute snatch hard and deep.

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Naughty daughter gets pounded

November 8th, 2009

Slutty daughter gets pounded

Howdy everyone, It’s me Pops. I woke up this morning having bad day today ’cause I don’t money to spend. My daughter is not in the mood picking guys in the park. Maybe she wants to keep quit for being a nympho. But nympho is a nympho, no one can even change that. So I go in the park looking for someone that give money in exchange to fuck my daughter. Then I meet Matt, I don’t know about anything about on this dude all I know is she definitely needs pussy.

We headed right back in my apartment and My daughter was sleeping in the living room. When Matt saw Janessa he give me money more than I expected. Lots of money and I think It will last for to three days. I leave the two of them in the living room, before I leave I told Janessa to take good care of my new friend. At first they were chatting and flirting and few minutes later clothes were flying off in the living room. Janessa give him the best blowjob in his entire life. Not long before Matt were fucking with my naughty daughter Janessa.

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Megan’s 5-star service

November 6th, 2009


Megan has been hired by friend’s parents to clean the home while they are at work. My friend thinks that her house helper Megan is beautiful, sexy and most importantly, horny! He can’t believe that this busty brunette chick was yearning for some naughty fuck. So my friend here treats his maid like shit and fucks her whenever he feels like it. one of the dirtiest sluts we have ever seen! She gives head like a pro and loves it when she sucks his hard dick, and when you get this maid naked and cram her tight cunt you know you didn’t pay your money for nothing. He rides his penis like a real cowgirl and fucks like crazy! Now that’s what we call a real 5-star service! View Megan gets banged by her employer at and find out more about shaking your butt living!

Janessa takes dick doggystyle

November 5th, 2009

Janessa takes dick doggystyle

So, my only daughter Janessa got pissed at me. She’s tired of me treating her like a whore and pimping her out. My theory is that if she’s going to be a slut, we might as well make some money of it. Anyways, she got so mad that she ran out of the home. She went to the park and that’s where she met this perv dude. He told Janessa that he was going to talk some sense into me, but when he went to talk to me, he asked how much it was to fuck my daughter.

My daughter thinks that his new friend will talked some sense into me and she was all happy. She gave her trust and some extra special loving. When he give me the money I leave them in the home and went to the bar to drink beer. Not long before they got into the action and she gave him probably the best blowjob of his life. Then she take his dick doggystyle. Then Janessa, let him jizz all over her.